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Sharon Norman lives and works in Vancouver where she has her studio.  She has had exhibits of her paintings in Vancouver, Victoria, Bowen Island, Edmonton, Banff, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto in Canada, Perth and Sydney in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, and Reykjavik in Iceland. Her work is represented in numerous private and corporate collections.


Her paintings are painterly works which are abstract in nature and are about the landscape. She has had a time when she used with her own photographic images superimposed onto the canvas by colour copy transference in her paintings. She has now gone back to the clean and clear abstract paintings which combine the softness and strength of the landscape.


Norman is greatly influenced by the light and atmosphere of the environment in which she paints because to her, light is of the prime importance in her work. All of this brings an aspect of her spirituality to her work. She describes her work as abstracts under the influence of the landscape the environment and the world.

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